The Cannabis Pilot Test II: Portland, OR

Oregon Cannabis Capsules


The Cannabis Pilot Test II: Portland, OR

The Oregon cannabis stores have followed the Starbucks expansion model, with shops popping up on every street and people flocking to buy their products. With the legalization of both recreational and medicinal cannabis, the industry’s growth is unprecedented. CannabisCapsules wanted to get a taste of the newly emerging recreational market in Portland and an understanding of it from the inside in order to increase our knowledge and expertise of the industry.

Portland may have welcomed us with open arms, but the dispensaries did not. While we were given useful tips on how to detect properly grown product, people failed to mention perhaps one of the most valuable pieces of information, that as a recreational consumer, you cannot purchase non-combustibles. One would assume that the inability to buy anything but the flower is crucial information for a cannabis user; we were instead however, left standing shocked in the stores. As the owner of a capsule manufacturing company, I found it strange that I could not purchase my client’s capsules. Despite the fact that I could purchase cannabis in its raw form (if desired) and the fact that the capsules came from my factory, no store would sell us cannabis capsules.

After flying out to Portland we surveyed the market by entering stores, speaking to local customers, and examining the products offered. Similar to the market in Denver, Colorado, we detected a split between the recreational and medicinal markets. However, the more astounding observation was the lack of products available for purchase in the stores. We were dismayed when we noticed that in the recreational stores, nothing but the flower itself is sold. This means that edibles, such as capsules and brownies, are only available for medical patients, thus limiting the options for customers with varied preferences. The inability to purchase cannabis in forms other than the flower is a flaw in the market and a disservice to all recreational consumers. As the dedicated capsule manufacturer for the cannabis industry, we see the demand for cannabis capsules on a daily bases. It almost seams unfair to prevent a customer from purchasing a healthier cannabis option, such as a cannabis capsule. Hopefully, as the market continues to grow and adapt to changes and trends, this fault will be reversed, making more products available and giving people the smokeless option they’ve been seeking.

Overall, the market in Portland is one that is transitioning from an old school mentality. The products there are aesthetically enticing yet the market has limited options available. As a city that is untouched by the big and fast pace businesses and east coast mentality, they have embraced post prohibition cannabis more than any other city and will move at their own pace in expanding and improving their market. CannabisCapsules will continue to follow the Oregon market as changes occur and will use information gained from our trip to expand and improve our own products.

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