A review of the first year of CannabisCapsules

cannabis capsulesA Review of the First Year of Cannabis Capsules

This year in the cannabis industry we have passed many milestones, overcome many obstacles, and proved many naysayers wrong. To conclude the great work that has been accomplished, we at CannabisCapsules would like to thank everyone who has been a part of bringing about these pivotal changes. Everyone, from our cultivators, processors, retailers and patients, who have brought innovation and success to the cannabis market, are helping to revolutionize the industry, change history, and improve the world through better medicine.

Among many of the achievements seen this past year, the transformations brought about by producers and processors stand out as some of the greatest. Before the onset of this year, we were supplying capsules by the 1,000 count. Today, these same clients have increased their monthly capsule order to the 100,000 and even 1,000,000 count in some markets. Though we’ve seen the largest spike in the Denver market, a steady order incline proves that cannabis capsules are an innovation necessary in the cannabis market

While we do believe that the capsule is a necessary and required innovation for the cannabis industry, this enormous increase was only achievable because of our producers’ determination and utilization of our automated systems. This progress represents more than just numbers; with every capsule sold a patient is helped.

Looking forward, we hope to double, triple, and quadruple these numbers until ultimately the entire industry is producing a cannabis capsule. Integration of automated encapsulation systems into a cannabis facility will facilitate the production of large quantities. Distributing capsules to all of the patients in need; transforming the way everyone sees the medical cannabis industry

With our eyes set on the promising future of the cannabis industry,CannabisCapsules reflects on the triumphs of the past to remind us of what is possible.  We are eager and ready to welcome in this new year with as much fervor as the last and invite you to do so with us.  We are proud to have served the cannabis industry for the past year and are dedicated to furthering the future of cannabis consumption.

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary in the cannabis industry, it brings me much joy to say,CannabisCapsules is the industry’s go-to source for capsules and anything capsule-related. From high-quality capsule products to a full array of consulting services, CannabisCapsules has the experience and expertise to help make your encapsulation project a success.


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