Branding Your Cannabis Capsule

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Branding Your Cannabis Capsule

With the cannabis industry quickly burgeoning and emerging from its nascent stage, there is an urgent demand for product branding to flourish from it’s tightly constrained past. Until now, producers had to walk a fine line while marketing and advertising their cannabis products. While the goal of advertising is of course, to attract people to your products, the nature of this industry dictates that we must be extra cautious, so as to not be attractive to certain individuals, namely children. Luckily, a solution has been introduced and the time has come to embrace and welcome the opportunity for change.

Past and future

It was never branding itself that people objected to, rather, it was marketing a mind-altering substance to children that spurred the rigidity of mainstream cannabis branding. Now, however, we can leave behind the bland and stereotypical branding and introduce more dynamic images and logos, creating brand awareness and distinction in the cannabis market. One way to enable rebranding is to establish mechanisms to counteract the child consumption issue while still maintaining strict regulations. For example, precautions should be taken to ensure that medicated products are not accessible to children; creating the impression that it is for people of an older age and guaranteeing that it doesn’t enter into their hands. Once that is accomplished, we can freely brand products like in any other industry. Colorado has set an example of this evolvement in branding and has demonstrated that with certain precautions in place, marketing can flourish in the cannabis industry.

What are the benefits of marketing?

Proper marketing can accomplish many goals for a company. Creating a unique advertisement or branding logo can distinguish one’s company from the many others similar to it. Customers are often swayed by a products visual appearance. They tend to search for familiar products whose brand logo they can easily recognize. It is therefore crucial for both the supplier and the buyer for the brand to have original and distinguishable appearance.

The cannabis industry is moving out of its rudimentary stage, which now gives us the ability to brand and market in a more innovative and exciting way. With the printing technology at CannabisCapsules, branding means printing your creative and distinct logo directly onto your capsules. In addition, the ability to now imprint milligram dosages directly onto the capsule eliminates confusion for many patients. Patients deserve to know how much medicine they are consuming.

Not only can producers create their own unique capsule formulas, now they can create a fun branding image to match the product itself. At CannabisCapsules we help you create custom capsules, as shown below, printing your logo and dosage, all the while adhering to state compliance laws. Cannabis capsule branding will revolutionize the industry and help to create avant-garde branding and distinction among companies. Doing this will allow marketing and advertising to finally reflect the overall advancements of the cannabis industry. Here at CannabisCapsules we invite you to join us in this revolution, making the cannabis industry tantamount to all others.

How CannabisCapsules Can Help

If you’re considering encapsulation for your cannabis product, please contact us. With over 35 years of encapsulation and formulation experience, CannabisCapsules has the expertise to help you go from concept to reality. Our services include a full range of customizable premium hard capsule products (including flavored capsules, flavored capsules for pets, formulation assistance, product branding, capsule machine sourcing and installation, staff training, and more. To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-852-9238 or email us at