Cannabis Capsule Third Party Stability Study

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Cannabis Capsule Third Party Stability Study

How do our capsules match up?

At CannabisCapsules, we are driven by innovation and integrity.  While being dedicated to advancing our products and improving the market, we guarantee only the best to our customers and their patients.  We remain loyal to our maxim of servicing customers with only first-rate products, making us the trustworthy source for the cannabis industry.

How do we ensure our products are the best?

In order to ensure the highest quality capsule for our customers, at CannabisCapsules, we test our current line against our other products as well as with multiple common formulations.  Being that cannabis oils are favored in the market, we sought to ascertain what type of capsule would be the best fit for that specific excipient type. To do this, we brought in scientists and researchers from a third party accredited testing facility, who critically examined our four unique capsule varieties: Vegetarian K-Caps® (HPMC), Gelatin Capsules, Enteric Vegetarian K-Caps® and LQ Gelatin capsules.

The study

Over the course of the 12-week study, the four capsule types were filled with cannabis infused oil and monitored closely. One of each capsule type was stored in cold, extra warm/hot, and room temperature environments to determine if it would have an effect on the capsule’s integrity and stability. All other conditions were controlled to maintain internal validity and to ensure reliable and reproducible results.

After tracking all changes in weight, appearance, and stability, the results, though pleasing overall, revealed vital information. While none of the capsules displayed any leakage of oil, we found that out of the four, two varieties had substantial deformation, both of which were stored in the extra warm/hot temperature environment. However, results also showed that the Vegetarian K-Caps® withstood all conditions and displayed no leakage or deformation. Based on these results, it seems apparent to assume that the ideal capsule to use for cannabis infused oils, is the Vegetarian K-Caps®.

Are there alternative Options?

While the study suggests an unambiguous superiority of vegetarian capsules, specifically for oils, in actuality, choosing a capsule is more complicated and requires consideration of many factors. In a laboratory setting the vegetarian capsule appeared superior for oils, however, in reality, gelatin capsules have shown better results for certain formulations. For instance, many producers, based on their formulations, use gelatin capsules for oils and have had great results doing so. In other words, in the practical world, many producers opt for gelatin capsules, which, according to the study would not have been the best option. Choosing the capsule type is therefore, not a clear-cut decision; instead research suggests that testing specific formulations to ensure capsule stability is the best approach.

As a cannabis producer, what should you do?

Going through the process of encapsulation can be a daunting task. However, CannabisCapsules simplifies the matter by taking into account all possible formulation factors. A few considerations to make are, for example, if you are encapsulating powder, which does not leak, using gelatin capsules will always be a good choice. As an additional safety innovation, we employ a proprietary double locking technology that enables the fill material to remain inside the capsule shell, unaffected by exterior conditions such as heat or humidity. Vegetarian capsules, which are formulated from processed plant based cellulose, have thicker and stronger walls, making them ideal for encapsulating viscous liquids, like cannabis infused oil. In other words, with all else aside, gelatin capsules are superior for powders while vegetarian capsules are superior for oils.

CannabisCapsules is here to help

At CannabisCapsules we recognize that encapsulation is a more multifaceted matter. We therefore work together with customers to determine and to create the best capsule for their specific needs and formulations. By working with the principle of finding the best capsule for every individual, we have yet to fall short of providing the perfect capsule for every customer. At CannabisCapsules, we utilize research to enable innovation and are always implementing product development. By innovating new and exciting capsule formats that are ideal for cannabis capsules and by sponsoring the research needed to further the scientific knowledge of cannabis, CannabisCapsules ensures that patients receive adequate care and the smokeless options they’ve been asking for.

Our product line is always evolving so stay tuned for our new products and new capsule formulations and get ready to share in our excitement!

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