The Cannabis Elections 2016

Cannabis Elections 2016

The Cannabis Elections 2016

This coming November marks an important transition, not just for the marijuana industry but for the entire nation. As an increasing number of states open their arms to legalize marijuana, during the cannabis elections, we can expect to see changes in the cannabis market – from cultivation to distribution – and in legislation at large.

Changes in legislation will be seen as many states take a pragmatic step forward with an initiative to legalize either recreational or medical marijuana. Two states in particular, California and Florida are among the many that are seeking to bring change and are prime examples of the current situation.

California has been a pioneer in the marijuana industry since the 1990s when they legalized medical marijuana – placing the state at the forefront of pro marijuana policy. However, California has taken the backseat as other states have begun to legalize recreational use as well. This November, California will be reclaiming its title, as they will hopefully begin to implement the sale of recreational marijuana. This progressive step has the ability to change the obsolete Wild West image that many people associate with California’s medical marijuana program and create a more unbiased and accepting view.

While California has had much success in the past at implementing these new policies, Florida has failed to do so with similar ones. In 2014, anti-marijuana campaigns succeeded in derailing a medical marijuana initiative and because of this failure it is believed that the initiative is coming back this November with double the effort to change legislation. However, opposition stubbornly continues to bombard the public with anti-marijuana advertising and campaigns that are all too familiar, stirring up memories and creating a sense of déjà vu for Floridians. Along with the negative attention from these campaigns, the model that Florida is choosing is highly contested, creating a tough fight for the 2016 reelection.

These states are only two examples of the changes to be seen in this coming year. As more than ten states across the country continue to improve and revise legislation on marijuana – leaving a majority of states with pro-marijuana policies – we should anticipate the market to expand, improve, and continue to gain support. CannabisCapsules will continue to keep a close watch as everything unfolds and as we near November – taking note of the emerging trends for the growing industry.

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