Creating The Perfect Cannabis Capsule

Flavored Custom Cannabis Capsules

Creating The Perfect Cannabis Capsule

Cannabis capsules are becoming more and more popular with each day that passes. It is important to have a product that stands out above all other cannabis capsules to ensure that your product is enticing to, and desired by the consumer. To differentiate oneself in the cannabis capsule space, many companies have chosen to personalize capsules by having their logo directly printed onto the capsule. Other companies use specific capsule color configurations to match their brand and differentiate themselves among other cannabis capsule producers. Despite the effectiveness of these branding opportunities, it is only half the equation to equal to successfully create a premium cannabis capsule product. The aforementioned techniques simply help spread brand awareness and recognition, but do not necessarily add to the end user experience.

At CannabisCapsules, we have researched different potential formulations to make your cannabis capsules more than just a standard product. Pairing a fill material to a capsule is the perfect subtle touch to increase patient and consumer acceptance for cannabis capsules. We have found that formulating a final product to match the capsules used to encase the fill material is the missing factor for many brands. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite capsule pairings.

The Orange Flavored Vitamin C Cannabis Capsule

Take our Orange capsule for example. Many consumers naturally associate oranges with Vitamin C. This creates the perfect opportunity to create a synergized capsule that is not only familiar to, but also desired by consumers. We recommend that producers fill our orange flavored capsules with a vitamin c powder, along with a hybrid indica/sativa blend for a balanced supplement. For most, the color associated with Vitamin C is orange. Because of this immediate association, our orange flavored capsule smells and tastes like natural oranges.

The Coffee Caffeine Cannabis Capsule

Another of my favorite examples is the coffee flavored caffeine cannabis capsule. Inside the capsule, one can blend caffeine powder with vitamin B12, complimented with a powerful sativa strain to start the morning properly. Caffeine, coffee and sativa based strains have great synergy, allowing the customer to have an uplifting and energetic morning, while ultimate still receiving their dose of cannabis. Additionally, the capsule itself is coffee-colored adding to the branding opportunity as well.

The Berry Nighttime Capsule

One final example, our deliciously flavored berry capsules. As berry is such a versatile flavor, it can easily be paired to compliment any formulation. My favorite application of this capsule is the berry nighttime capsule. Picture a deep beautiful purple capsule that is paired perfectly with a blend of melatonin and a pure indica strain. The pairing of the two allows the consumer to have a relaxing and pleasant night of sleep.

With a great variety of flavors, there are multiple opportunities for producers of cannabis capsules to increase their market appeal while simultaneously creating a product consumers want to try. These are just a few examples of all of the ways companies can personalize their capsules for their consumers. With the rapidly expanding cannabis community, it is important to go above and beyond standard methods for capsule branding, making sure that your brand stands out among all of the products available.

How CannabisCapsules Can Help

If you’re considering encapsulation for your cannabis product, please contact us. With over 35 years of encapsulation and formulation experience, CannabisCapsules has the expertise to help you go from concept to reality. Our services include a full range of customizable premium hard capsule products (including flavored capsules, flavored capsules for pets, formulation assistance, product branding, capsule machine sourcing and installation, staff training, and more. To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-852-9238 or email us at