The Future of Medical Cannabis in New York

The Compassionate Care Act:

The Future of Medical Cannabis in NY

               In July 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature enacted the Compassionate Care Act. In creating this Act, the Legislature borrowed ideas from other states in order to create a new and improved model for medical marijuana laws – a model that is unlike anything we’ve seen so far in the medical cannabis industry. For example:

     Smoking and eating cannabis are not permitted. Combustibles, including flowers and combustible concentrates (such as butane hash oil or CO2 extracted oils), are simply not allowed. Neither are any of the food products that are popular elsewhere, such as brownies candies and gummies.

     Only five delivery methods are approved. These five are:

o   Tinctures – alcohol-based cannabis concentrates

o   Sublinguals – fast-acting medicated edible strips that dissolve under the tongue

o   Transdermals – medicated patches that are applied to the skin

o   Vaporizable oils – metered oils for use in personal vaporizers

o   Capsules – our area of expertise

     Medical cannabis is only available for those with the most serious conditions. The Compassionate Care Act only makes medical cannabis accessible to patients with serious conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, severe nausea or pain, and other specified medical issues.

      Medical Cannabis in New York won’t be the “Wild West.” Only five licenses are being issued for growing, producing, processing and dispensing cannabis in the state of New York. Unlike what we’ve seen in other states, access will not be allowed for everyone who wants to open up a cannabis dispensary.

       New York has Created an Excellent Model

At CannabisCapsules, we’re both impressed by and excited about the medical cannabis model that New York has created. We believe this is a superior model for the cannabis industry for the following reasons:

    Helps legitimize the medical cannabis industry.

New York is showing the rest of the world that cannabis does not need to be smoked or ingested in its raw form in order to receive its benefits. In fact, by mandating more “medical” delivery systems, this Act helps move the industry away from recommending the use of “marijuana,” towards prescribing patients beneficial medicine that happens to be derived from cannabis.

 We’d love to see our industry mimic the already-existing pharmaceutical industry, which has legitimized the consumption of various other chemical compounds for the purpose of treating medical conditions and symptoms. After all, there’s a big difference between going into a dispensary to pick out your own medication at random, and being prescribed specific medicine that is likely to be beneficial for your ailment.

      Helps destigmatize medical cannabis use. Truthfully speaking, there exists a certain stigma associated with the marijuana flower and marijuana smoking in general. Additionally, smoke itself can have harmful health effects. Mandating the use of “medical” delivery systems disassociates medical cannabis from this stigma, and gives patients a variety of smokeless options that won’t harm their lungs or impact those around them. 

      Provides access to those who need it most. While we believe that many others can also benefit from cannabis’ use, we think that New York’s strict model of patient requirements sets a standard for the cases which absolutely must receive access to medical cannabis across all 50 states.

      This Truly is a “Compassionate Care” Act

New York’s medical cannabis law was well-named, as it provides access to patients who are truly in need of the medical benefits of cannabis. As encapsulation and dosage control experts, CannabisCapsules is here to serve the entire cannabis sector, including New York’s emerging industry. We offer premium capsules (including unique Enteric Coated Time-Release Capsules and flavored capsules) and formulation assistance, as well as assistance with facility design, capsule machine sourcing and installation, staff training, and more.

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