The Real Cost of Soft-gel Encapsulation for Cannabis

Cannabis Soft Gel

 The Real Cost of Soft-gel Encapsulation for Cannabis

Cannabis manufacturers strive to provide consumers with the best products- ones that offer optimum results and value. In recent months, there has been a strong effort to determine the most cost effective medium to produce cannabis infused products.

When it comes to determining the best medium for cannabis delivery, one of the most important factors to consider is its cost per milligram evaluation. If the cost of production is very high it can have detrimental effects on both the producers and more importantly, our consumers and patients. Living in 2016, there are numerous ways that cannabis can be delivered. One of the least cost effective methods is soft-gel encapsulation. The production of such soft-gel capsules require a significantly higher monetary investment than other mediums, such as hard capsules and is therefore not an ideal choice for cannabis.

The reason why soft-gel encapsulations require higher production costs is simple. Soft-gel encapsulation is a complex process that requires the operators to prepare and bloom their own gelatin. To achieve this, large, expensive and special manufacturing equipment is required. The process to formulate soft-gel capsules includes many steps and requires vigilant oversight throughout the entire process. For example, since there are no ready-made shells for soft-gel capsules, you must instead begin by preparing the gelatin which is itself a complex process. A period of time must then be designated to wait for the gel to bloom properly so that it has the proper consistency to form the capsule shell. Doing this is a vigorous and time consuming process that is unnecessary when compared to hard capsule production.

In addition to the extensive preparation process, another drying machine is needed to complete the production of soft-gel capsules. The total cost for all necessary soft-gel equipment can easily add up to a quarter to half of a million dollars. Moreover, these machines were designed for large scale production, meaning that you are required to produce upwards of 50,000 soft-gel capsules, per formula, per run. With an abundance of small-scale, local, and startup companies in the cannabis industry, such a pricey and high output machine is neither necessary nor beneficial. Instead, a cheaper more cost effective machine with the ability to produce small batches, such as the CannabisCapsules RoboLQ™, is more valuable tool to use.

CannabisCapsules therefore recommends that soft-gel capsules be replaced with hard capsules, which in comparison have a meager cost of production. Not only is the production process of hard capsules a simple one step procedure,CannabisCapsules manufactures machinery that is efficient and cost effective saving your company both time and money. If you are a current producer in the cannabis industry it is never too late to switch over to hard capsules.

If you’re considering encapsulation for your cannabis product, whether in Washington, Colorado, California or any other legal state, please give us a call. With over 35 years of encapsulation and formulation experience,CannabisCapsules has the expertise to help you go from concept to reality. Our services include a full range of customizable premium hard capsule products (including flavored capsules, flavored capsules for pets, and Enteric Capsules), formulation assistance, product branding, capsule machine selection and installation, staff training, and more.

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