Formulation Assistance

Cannabis Formulation Assistance

Formulation with CannabisCapsules is easy and simple. We can customize and formulate your capsule fill material, while also ensuring it abides by all state regulations. As specialists in the cannabis and hemp industries, We guarantee expert formulation for a well-balanced product that is sure to enhance user experience and satisfaction.

By tailoring products to have a perfect combination of its components as well as to have a wide range of applications – including sleep aides and mood enhancers – your products will be given a competitive edge and you will be giving your customers the products they desire.

CannabisCapsules offers you a detailed amenable recipe for formulations, an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), as well as methods and services to ensure standardization for your production procedures. By taking advantage of this opportunity, we will help you create an even more premium and unique product to offer the market.

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  • Eric Knapp

    We need a formulation capsule for epilepsy. High CBD, terpenes for anti-anxiety. Low THC for the THC legal limit to be considered hemp oil.