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The True Cost per Milligram- Cannabis Capsules vs. Infused Edibles

  The True Cost per Milligram Cannabis Capsules vs. Infused Edibles As a customer or medical marijuana patient, there are many considerations that run through your head before you make a purchase in a dispensary. How good is the product? Is the dosage enough for me? Will it satisfy my dietary needs? How long will[…]

Cannabis Elections 2016

The Cannabis Elections 2016

The Cannabis Elections 2016 This coming November marks an important transition, not just for the marijuana industry but for the entire nation. As an increasing number of states open their arms to legalize marijuana, during the cannabis elections, we can expect to see changes in the cannabis market – from cultivation to distribution – and[…]

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A review of the first year of CannabisCapsules

A Review of the First Year of Cannabis Capsules This year in the cannabis industry we have passed many milestones, overcome many obstacles, and proved many naysayers wrong. To conclude the great work that has been accomplished, we at CannabisCapsules would like to thank everyone who has been a part of bringing about these pivotal[…]

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Creating The Perfect Cannabis Capsule

Creating The Perfect Cannabis Capsule Cannabis capsules are becoming more and more popular with each day that passes. It is important to have a product that stands out above all other cannabis capsules to ensure that your product is enticing to, and desired by the consumer. To differentiate oneself in the cannabis capsule space, many[…]

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The Cannabis Pilot Test III: Seattle, WA

  The Cannabis Pilot Test III: Seattle, WA When Washington put the stamp of approval on recreational marijuana, a drastic change in the market was anticipated by everyone.  However, the current upheaval over the I-502 Initiative has created an even more complex problem than expected. CannabisCapsules got a taste of the situation after flying out[…]

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The Alarming Reality of Mislabeled Edibles

Are Patients Consuming Incorrect Cannabis Doses? The Alarming Reality of Mislabeled Edibles Medical cannabis is, by definition, “medicine.” As with all medications, patients have a right to know exactly how much medicine they’re taking. Unfortunately, as recently reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)1, many of the edible products on the shelves[…]

The Proper Cannabis Encapsulation Room

The Proper Cannabis Encapsulation Room:  Preventing Problems, Before They Occur   What does it take to build a proper cannabis encapsulation room? Before I jump into the details, let’s keep in mind that a cannabis encapsulation room is a manufacturing facility that needs to uphold the same standards as a modern laboratory. Safety and the[…]

Visit our booth at the Canadian Marihuana for Medical Purposes Summit

  CannabisCapsules is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming Canadian Marihuana for Medical Purposes Summit in Vancouver, Canada. We are also proud and humbled to announce that Founder / CEO, Jonathan Gilinski will be presenting a keynote speech on encapsulation and cannabis capsules. We invite want to invite everyone to join[…]