Liquid-Filled Hard Capsule Manufacturing Service for Cannabis Industries

July 19, 2021

Cannabis Capsules is pleased to announce the launch of a new liquid-filled hard capsule manufacturing service. In creating this service, the company partnered with one of the leading manufacturers of generic and branded drugs in Canada.
Production will be done at a dedicated Health Canada-approved facility that has a full analytical lab, licensing for controlled drugs and substances (including narcotics), and a choice of blister or bottle packaging. In addition, the production facility is fully licensed to process cannabis products as part of this liquid-filled hard capsule manufacturing service.

Cannabis Capsules has perfected the technology for developing and manufacturing liquid-filled hard capsules (LFHCs), enabling liquids, suspensions, semi-solids, pastes and waxy substances to be filled into gelatin or HPMC vegetarian two-piece capsules.

While this new liquid-filled hard capsule manufacturing service provides significant benefits to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, it can be a game-changer for cannabis brands. This is because this technology opens up new options for the cannabis industry, which typically rely on softgels or other dosage forms.

Encapsulation provides numerous benefits for medical marijuana products. Capsules are a familiar oral dosage form that consumers can safely and discretely carry and use. They enable precise dosage control, with none of the respiratory side effects associated with smoking or vaping. Plus, capsules ensure that the cannabis is processed by the digestive system and not in the lungs.

Liquid-filled hard capsules also offer a variety of advantages when compared to softgels. For example, the liquid-filled hard capsule manufacturing process itself is less complex and capital-intensive than manufacturing softgels, with filling equipment available in all scales, from benchtop to production. This makes scaleup from demonstration and clinical batches linear, resulting in faster product launches. The ability to do small production runs also makes it feasible for pharmaceutical makers to pursue niche therapies.

LFHCs support brands’ marketing efforts and are available in an endless combination of colors and imprints, allowing companies to create a unique branding for their products. Cannabis brands find this highly advantageous.

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