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Unique and compliant packaging solutions

Under the Cannabis Act of 2018, cannabis businesses in Canada have to adhere to strict rules when it comes to product packaging and design. Specifically, federal regulations require plain labeling for all cannabis products, in addition to a wide range of restrictions on the packaging materials, logos, and design.

Packaging and design can become a severe drain on your time and resources if you plan to do it in-house. Your cannabis product launch can be pushed back for months with the slightest misstep. A trusted ancillary service can take that burden off your back and ensure that your brand will remain compliant.

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What We Do

Your product’s visual identity is a crucial step to its success when it hits the dispensaries. Here at Cannabis Capsules, we connect you with packaging and design professionals, who can assist you with eye-catching and compliant solutions.


Your product’s packaging is the first major impression on your customers. When it comes to cannabis brands, design should both comply with regulations and communicate your vision to the public. Also, containers must be wholly child-proof and highly secure. In the flourishing cannabis market, establishing brand loyalty early on can be a significant differentiating factor. Proper packaging is not just a detail, but an important part of your strategy.

Reach out to Cannabis Capsules if you are searching for packaging solutions for your product. Our partners will craft a safe, compliant, and appealing package for your capsule products according to your specific needs.


Getting your branding right can become a headache if you don’t have an experienced team behind it. Your logo, designs, and marketing collateral have to tell your story consistently and powerfully across all platforms while complying with a long list of requirements. Being creative in a heavily regulated environment is a challenge that most conventional design studios are not used to.

We at Cannabis Capsules can connect you to established professionals in the industry who will consult with you to create an impeccable visual identity.

Why Choose Us

Creating a winning cannabis product is a complicated process. Stellar packaging and design are critical for your brand’s performance once it hits the dispensary shelves. Even before launch in the Canadian market, you have to ensure that you are 100% compliant, so don’t waste any time!

Cannabis Capsules works with the most reputable suppliers and professionals to help you create and launch a winning cannabis capsules product. For more information about our work, contact a member of our informative Customer Care division. We’d love to discuss your project in depth!