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Capsule Manufacturing

Customize capsules in all sizes with colors, text, and logos

One of the easiest ways to differentiate yourself in Canada’s competitive cannabis market is to offer unique branded capsules. Of course, most new entrepreneurs probably don’t have the capital on reserve to invest in expensive manufacturing equipment.

That doesn’t mean; however, you can’t supply your customers with branded cannabis capsules that are also federally compliant. By working with Cannabis Capsules, you will receive the highest quality of white label cannabis capsules tailored to your business’s needs.

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What We Do

At Cannabis Capsules, we’re all about connecting you with the best capsule suppliers for your needs. Whatever size, color, or design you’re looking for, we’re certain our partner manufacturers can supply you with high-quality products at affordable rates. By working with Cannabis Capsules, you can offer your customers unique, high-grade products without having to spend a ton on expensive equipment, training, and staffing.

All Standard Capsule Sizes

From size 000 to 5, our manufacturing partners can produce any capsule size that meets your specifications. Our expert team will also advise you on how different capsule sizes affect branding and the potency of your product.

A Wide Array Of Colorful Capsules

Our manufacturing partners promise to match any pantone color option you want to either gelatin or HPMC-based capsules. Anyone who would like to add pearlescent color will also find our partner companies more than willing to help.

Company Approved Capsule Imprints

Our manufacturing partners are experts and imprinting the exact design you want on your capsules. From the dosage amount to the brand logo, our team will find a way to place superb branding and messaging on your product. Please keep in mind we can also imprint regulated THC symbols on your capsules if you need them.

Task-Masking Technology

Unsurprisingly, some of the best-selling supplements use sweet flavors to mask the natural taste of vitamins, minerals, or herbs. There’s a good chance your products will gain a great deal more attention if customers actually enjoy eating them every day. You can take advantage of this simple strategy by using our partner companies’ flavor-enhancing technologies. So, not only will your product look better than the competition, it can taste better, too!

Why Choose Us

At Cannabis Capsules, we work with some of Canada’s most respected capsule manufacturing companies. Our team will take the necessary time to understand exactly what you’re looking for and build a product that meets your company’s needs and fulfills Canada’s strict compliance laws. With Cannabis Capsules on your side, you can enjoy the benefits of personally designed capsules without investing in your own manufacturing plant.

If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact Cannabis Capsules’ customer care team.