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Liquid Filling Solutions

Solutions and accessories for your liquid fill capsule needs

Creating leak-proof cannabinoid capsules is a challenging endeavor. Not only are capsule-filling machines expensive, but they also require a great deal of expertise and training to operate correctly. There is, however, an affordable way business owners could create excellent liquid capsules without huge capital expenditure. Cannabis Capsules can help you partner with Canada’s greatest capsule filling equipment suppliers to help you create superior cannabinoid capsules at a manageable rate.

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What We Do

Cannabis Capsules helps people in Canada’s cannabis business get in touch with the country’s best capsule filling equipment suppliers. Using our referral service, you’ll get the chance to work with industry leaders to assist you in creating compliant cannabinoid capsules. From small-scale pipettes up to automatic capsule filling stations, our partners have many tools at their disposal to meet your goals.

Pipettes & Capsule Trays

For those who are working on smaller-scale operations, Cannabis Capsules has partners offering high-quality pipettes for liquid extraction. This includes both single-dose and multi-dose pipettes.

Our partners can also offer capsule trays, which will help you separate and close multiple capsules at once. Those looking for a production that’s a bit faster that just using pipettes should enquire about the capsule trays now offered through Cannabis Capsules.

Capsule Filling Machines

When working with Cannabis Capsules, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with manufacturers that offer both semi-automatic and automatic capsule filling machines. Typically, semi-automatic machines can handle anywhere from 1,000 – 10,000 capsules per hour while automatic machines make 5,000 – 20,000 capsules per hour.

Each of these machines has its pros and cons, so be sure to ask a Cannabis Capsules rep for more info on what’s best for you.

Banding Solutions

Banding is an extremely important process that ensures your capsules are both tamper and leak-proof. On top of these benefits, banding helps maintain the potency of your liquid extracts by reducing oxidation. All manufacturers working with Cannabis Capsules have hi-tech banding technologies that can create strong liquid seals on gelatin, HPMC, or HPMC-P.

Customized Formulation & Exact Dosing

Customers want to know how much of a chosen cannabinoid they’re getting on a daily basis. So, producing cannabinoid capsules with exact dosages can be extremely beneficial for your bottom line. With Cannabis Capsules, you can easily choose your preferred capsule size ranging from the largest 000 to the tiny 5.

Why Choose Us

Whatever your capsule filling needs, Cannabis Capsules will help refer you to a proven manufacturing team that’s compliant with Canada’s strict cannabis laws. By working with Cannabis Capsules, you will save a ton of money and time while enjoying a reliable supply of high-quality cannabinoid capsules.

Got more questions about Cannabis Capsules’ services? Feel free to give out Customer Service representatives a call.